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Hey Everyone,

Big changes going on for the Alternatives Library’s website and internet access. I’m really excited to be working on this right now. It’s fun curating the content, getting tips from friends, working on images and what not.

I think the most interesting part about building this website is telling the story (much multimedia)–mapping out our various projects, services, and vision for this small library. This is our invitation to you. Come on by the Alternatives Library–we’ll make you a new library card, and show you around. We’ll even take your suggestions for new materials! *

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* Aren’t libraries amazing? It’s like a store–fully staffed. The products are on display–completely organized for browsing. BUT it’s not a store… It’s FREE!

Everything for Everyone!

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Ryan Clover-Owens

I'm on a mission to prove that we can live in a society that reconciles with our history, respects difference, cherishes the land and animals, and can create solutions to the challenges we face.