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Community Tech Support Agent – Work Study Position

Help resolve support tickets for nonprofit and community organizations who are adapting to online events and organizing. As a support agent you will be able to help solve technical questions, research solutions, and also improve your own technical skills. You’ll be on a small team and assigned tickets based on your areas of interest and or experience.

Direct Supervisor

Ryan Clover-Owens

Phone : (607)-592-5208

Email :

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Logging into our support email at least 3 times per week to respond to support tickets
  • Helping to answer questions 
  • Participating in weekly tech support office hours

Required Knowledge, Skill, and Abilities

  • Strong communication skills, always responding
  • Patient and generous about answering questions
  • Excited to help people get unstuck
  • Proficient with search engines, formatting, learning new online tools

How to Apply

This position is for work-study students. Apply through the work study program.

Please email Ryan Clover-Owens, Library Director, Durland Alternatives Library, at

Please state “community tech” in your subject line.  All applications will be acknowledged by return email. 

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