HUGE Magazine Giveaway – Historical & Recent

Hello artists, readers, collectors, and friends;
From now until July 1st, the Alternatives Library is giving away a significant portion of our Periodicals Collection which include periodicals/magazines of various genres, dating from the 1990’s to present day.
The collection includes titles and genres that range from politics, outdoor guides, literature, art, environmental sustainability, pop-culture, etc.
Some notable titles are:
  • The Sun
  • The Nation
  • Ms.
  • Rolling Stone
  • Adirondack Explorer
  • Tikkun
  • Fine Gardening.
We encourage you to stop by Anabel Taylor Hall (Cornell University Campus) to browse through and take what you fancy!
For the next couple of weeks, the assortment will be available on the first floor of the building adjacent to the main office and the building’s Northern entrance. All we ask is that you maintain the containers’ organization, along with sharing the other wicked cool plans you have for these gems.
The periodicals will be available ONLY until Saturday, July 1st. 
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Ryan Clover-Owens

I'm on a mission to prove that we can live in a society that reconciles with our history, respects difference, cherishes the land and animals, and can create solutions to the challenges we face.