Can We Have Our Event At the Library?

Yesterday I had a fun interaction. Someone walked into the library with a notepad. “I’m scouting a space for a music event” she told someone.

This got my attention. Not just because she started testing our piano, but because we have a really simple process in place for reserving this space.

Events Like:

  • Film Screenings
  • Panel Discussions or Presentations
  • Dinners & Social Events
  • Meetings that are open to the public
  • Concerts, comedy events, open mic
  • Check out the space and let your imagination run wild.

Juliee Martinez reading an essay from the Prisoner Express series “Telling Your Story”

Want to reserve the space? Just fill out our form:

All you need to do is fill out our form. That sends me a notification. Then I double check to make sure we can have coverage (and that it’s a good fit), and “click” your event is on our calendar as a new post.

We have the same registration process as Southside Community Center


Of course, there are usually other details related to events:

I trust you’ll reach out if you have questions, and of course, join our email list if you want to keep up to date about events that we’re hosting related to our mission.

Bound for Glory has been hosting live music events (and radio broadcast) from the library for over 50 years!!!

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Ryan Clover-Owens

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