Summertime, Staying Cool at the Library

Weather it’s hot, humid, or pouring rain, it’s a great time to come visit the Alternatives Library. In the summertime, we stay open 7 days a week so that we can be available to our patrons & new visitors. Everybody is welcome to be a member of this library & have unlimited access to our collection.

Some Tips for Arrival:

  • Free Parking on Weekends. We stay open weekends so that our patrons can have convenient access to the library while the parking lot is open to all.
  • Metered parking just across the street. At Williard Straight Hall, anyone can park at a metered parking spot.
  • 10 minute guest parking across the street. At Carpenter Hall, anyone can park for 10 minutes. It’s a quick walk over to the library to switch around some materials.
  •  Every 10 Minutes a bus loops around from the Ithaca Commons. Get the RT. 10 bus from Seneca Street station and just hop off right in front of Anabel Taylor Hall. You can even take your bike on the bus.
  •  Cascadilla Gorge trail leads right up to the library. Currently it’s under construction, but when it’s ready–lace up your hiking boots and we’ll lay down the mud mat for you.


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Ryan Clover-Owens

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