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Event Recap : Many Worlds Are Possible

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and supported the Many Worlds Are Possible event last week. There are so many amazing outcomes, so here’s a quick list full of links too for your reading pleasure. 150 people attended! We shared food, connected, enjoyed the music, and had a chance to share work of the library and Prisoner…

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How The Alternatives Library Will Adapt in 2019

If we didn’t exist, the kinds of books we carry and topics we pursue would not be as widely available to the public as they are right now. When a student searches “US foreign policy” our books are part of the results in 33 libraries in the region. When a new homeowner wants to learn…

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16 Ithaca Organizations That Create Possibility

Nothing is more inspiring to me than people who give so much of themselves in service of others, in service of the land, in service of future generations — people who have figured out a way to give so much, and even create institutions and organizations that can multiply this giving. And we have the…

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Does it matter where we buy books?

The obvious answer is YES! But the reality is… and I bet you can relate… we slip up on our values and shop online from ‘you know where’. This is not an email about the big tech scandals and monopolizing of commerce… It’s an honest reflect on whether we, the Durland Alternatives Library, can make…

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Introducing Heidi Eckerson, our new librarian at DAL

We’re so excited to introduce everyone to Heidi Eckerson, the newest member of our team at the Alternatives Library. She brings a spark of energy and passion to the library’s collection – and it’s likely that you’ll be interacting with her when you visit the library or reach out with any questions about the collection.…

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Tea And Coffee For Your Reading Pleasure

When was the last time you brewed cup of tea, and browsed the collection at the library? You can now brew yourself tea or coffee at the Durland Alternatives Library, totally free! We have a coffee and tea station with hot water kettles, tea bags with loose leaf tea blends, and locally roasted coffee pour overs.…

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