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Prisoner Express has begun two new art projects inviting the community (both local and national) to participate with prisoners through letter correspondence focusing upon art.

The first art project is in conjunction with Prison Arts Coalition. Established in 2008, the Prison Arts Coalition serves as a national network for prison arts in the United States. Through extensive online outreach and organizing, PAC provides support, information, and partnership opportunities within the American prison arts sector.

The pARTner project, as a collaborative effort between The Prison Arts Coalition and Prisoner Express, provides artists on the outside an opportunity to foster a connection with artists in prison through letter correspondence and the exchange of creative work.

This project is open to any outside person, either artist or art lover. For more information see Treacy Ziegler’s essay on the PAC site – Piercing the wall; an invitation through letters on art. Participation can be initiated online at the PAC site:

The second art project is our community letter-writing workshops every Monday evening from 5-7 at Durlands Alternative Library at Anabel Taylor Hall. Art sent to PE from its 4500 prisoner membership will be shared with the public for their visual appreciation.

The workshop enables the community to write back to the prisoners/artists offering letters of encouragement, positive feedback, sharing their experiences of art, their own work, or examples of favorite artists to the prisoners. Materials for writing letters will be provided at the workshop.

Again, this is open to artists, art lovers, and people who just want to get involved in the creative process of social change. For more information contact Treacy Ziegler at

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