Community Technical Support HelpDesk

Have a technical question? Email

Our brand new support help desk is staffed by tech savvy students and available to help our community minded groups in the Ithaca area adapt to virtual events, websites, blogging, email newsletters, donation campaigns, digital marketing, whatever you need help with!

Example Support Tickets:

  • I need to make changes to a PDF. Help!
  • How do I add my donation button on my website for our campaign?
  • How do I change ownership of cloud files?
  • How do I get an email address connected to my website?
  • What is the best platform for hosting webinars?
  • How do I sell t-shirts on my website for local pickup on my website?
  • Can you help me format my email newsletter?

Email to create a ticket and you'll get a response and answer within a couple days.

Who is it for?

This is a support service for grassroots organizations, non-profits, and mutual aid projects.

You’re doing important work – so the last thing you need are technical barriers. The help desk is here to help you resolve issues when they come up so you can move forward in your work.

  • Email and get help related to your website, email list, or other online media
  • Ask questions about any technical or logistical details related to your group’s administrative work.
  • If someone on our team does not have the answer directly, we’ll connect you with someone who does
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