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Math Engaged

Ithaca College Math Day – Hosted by Math Engaged and the Ithaca College Math Department

Saturday, November 5th 10:00am – 1:00pm At Williams Hall, 3rd Floor Ithaca College Campus Bring your Pre-K and elementary school children to the latest event by Math Engaged. We’re excited to help students explore the creative side of mathematics and develop a mathematical mindset through exploring activities of interest. Are you a parent who wants to help…

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Now Enrolling Math Engaged Summer Programs

Get engaged with Mathematics this summer at Creative Math Camps for all elementary school students! Students have the opportunity this summer to spend a week exploring the intuitive, hands-on, relevant applications of mathematics as they engage in workshops of music, art, science, nature, engineering, and more. With a 4:1 camper-to-counselor ratio, students experience both individual…

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Math Engaged Night on January 28th

How can we enhance children’s math education? What tools can parents use to inspire their children at home to understand math? By embarking on mathematical exploration together, parents and children can discover a new depth of mathematics they never saw before while learning both from each other and learning together.

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What do Puzzles have to do with Math Education?

By April Leithner, with Math Engaged Where is there math in everyday life? When we think of math, we often think of numbers. When are asked, “where is there math in everyday life?”, we mull over simple tasks that involve using numbers in some way: spending money, telling time, or measuring ingredients in cooking. But what…

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What is Math Education really about?

By April Leithner   Why do we learn math? If you ask this question to a child, you’re likely to get one of three answers: “To go to college.” “To get a good job one day.” “Because we have to.” But is this all there is to mathematical education?

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40th Anniversary Celebration : You’re Invited!

July 1st, 5pm – 8pm at the Durland Alternatives Library 127 Anabel Taylor Hall Cornell University Campus (free parking available during the event) Live Old Time Music! Fantastic Food! Free and open to the public. Join the Event on Facebook Come celebrate the Alternatives Library’s 40th Anniversary! With food, live music, and activities for all-ages…

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