Need help with your online events or website? Community Technical Support Survey

Need help with online events, remote work administration, website updates, or just general technical support?

The Community Tech Support Desk is a new project of the Durland Alternatives Library for activists, organizations, and nonprofits who need help with their website, events, or digital tools.

You can create a support ticket any time by emailing and our team will help research a solution or troubleshoot an issue with you. We have hired qualified students specifically for this position to be a virtual reference desk to get technical issues out of the way quickly.

Complete this quick survey to join the program and get on the list to get support when you need it.

Think of it as a technical support service for your organization, but completely free of charge.

Things you can get help with:

  • Blog publishing
  • Website Development
  • Team Communication Platforms
  • Volunteer Correspondence
  • Donation Campaigns
  • Online Events
  • Databases

Questions, contact Ryan Clover at or +1 607 252 6946
Or, of course, email to create a ticket.

Remember, complete the survey here to get on the list!

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