Will you help us launch season one of our podcast?

The Alternatives in Action podcast has been “coming soon” for way too long. But now we have 15 completed episodes, and an introduction.

Introduction to Alternatives in Action Podcast

What are we waiting for!!!!????

Well, turns out creating and running a podcast has quite a learning curve, but I’ve broken through and figured it out thanks to the support of wrfi.org (and trying over and over again)

And what else? Well, hosting a podcast costs money. Our modest goal is to raise just $365 which would cover ALL the expenses of running a podcast for the first 2 years.

Click here to pitch in, every dollar counts.

In fact, it’s about $15 a month to host and distribute it among all the networks. Not a big deal, but as you know we’ve been limited in our spending budget, which in some ways is the opportunity we’ve needed to invite you to become a stakeholder in this project.

Will you consider chipping in (every penny counts!), suggesting guests, or possibly even being a guest? If so I’d love to hear from you. Contact me anytime from the little green icon in the bottom right of the screen.

Bringing opportunities and perspective to an audience of millions

Sure, we could have the audio files here on our website, but when we launch the podcast we’ll be making the interviews and discussions available to millions of more people, and I’m not exaggerating. Podcasting is really big right now, and if you’re a fan of good radio, podcasts are taking things to the next level (really).

Name a topic you’re interested in, and I guarantee you will find something interesting and engaging in the podcast library. That’s the potential here with this podcast – we would be adding the following episodes to search results for millions of listeners all over the world:

  • Does it matter where we buy books? A library grapples with the new on-demand economy
  • Inside the raccoon sanctuary on Ithaca’s west hill
  • Touring in a veggie powered school bus and adventures in cardboard technology
  • Alternatives to incarceration, policing, and punishment
  • Growing a business from the waste stream, a model for every town
  • Company of One, why staying small is the next big thing in business
  • Planned obsolescence and the right to repair
  • The healing power of laughter
  • How to connect thousands of prisoners with a correspondence program on a shoestring budget
  • Permission to invent and explore and the free science workshop
  • Slow, sink, and spread – how permaculture applies to every day life

There are so many more stories to share. Do you have any suggestions?

Ithaca, nestled in the Finger Lakes Region in upstate New York has a unique history of alternative institutions that began around the same time back in the 70s. The Durland Alternatives Library is one of those institutions.

This podcast (and partnership with WRFI Community Radio) is a way to explore a new topic and bring the important work that you or someone you know is doing to the forefront of media.

Back in 1974 the library was founded to share these stories and expand opportunities – and so my goal right now is to continue this work in a way that is relevant to both existing (radio) and new (podcast) media realities.

Librarians everywhere are using media in new ways, with the support of their patron community.

Will you help us launch the podcast? We have an incredibly modest goal of $180 to launch the first season. Thank you!

Make a donation to support the launch of Alternatives in Action Podcast, every penny will help us reach our goal.

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