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Tea And Coffee For Your Reading Pleasure

When was the last time you brewed cup of tea, and browsed the collection at the library?

You can now brew yourself tea or coffee at the Durland Alternatives Library, totally free! We have a coffee and tea station with hot water kettles, tea bags with loose leaf tea blends, and locally roasted coffee pour overs.

Which is why we don’t offer take-away cups – because this… by design, rewards us to slow down, sit still, enjoy a book and a cup of tea.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of high quality, loose leaf, locally sourced tea blends… and it’s completely free 🙂

Starting on August 15th you can visit the Durland Alternatives Library and brew yourself a cup of herbal tea, or make a fancy pour over coffee – even if you’re new.

We have instructions for this completely self-serve station, and you can make your own blends or enjoy the blends specially made for the Alternatives Library by Friede Sander of Modern Medicine Botanicals.

More info coming soon, so make sure to join our email list for updates.
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Ryan Clover-Owens

I'm on a mission to prove that we can live in a society that reconciles with our history, respects difference, cherishes the land and animals, and can create solutions to the challenges we face.