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Book sale was a HUGE success – Thank you!

Our book sale was awesome. We sold hundreds, if not thousands of items… all books that have been donated to the library and saved up for this event. The funds we raised will help us send more books to prisoners requesting them through our Prisoner Express program.

All the remaining items left over from the sale are going to either Autumn Leaves Used books or the Friends of the Library booksale to be sorted.

So thanks to everyone who helped make it a huge success – volunteers and staff, and to everyone helped spread the word to friends and family – it was a HUGE success and we’re so grateful.

I personally went through and gathered some stuff I knew would be popular, and set it aside to sell in the book sale cart which will be outside the Durland Alternatives Library on a regular basis. Now, when you come to the library to read, find books, drink tea, or attend an event… you’ll see our standard book sale cart in the hallway.

Make sure to check out our events calendar, and learn how to use the library as a venue for your upcoming event.


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Ryan Clover-Owens

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