A New Venue in Ithaca for Social Justice, Collaboration, and Innovation

Very cool new development here at the library 🙂

We now have an events registration system which allows people to reserve the library right from the website.

Wait, why reserve the Durland Alternatives Library?

Because we have an amazing new venue!

Some of the Perks:

Just a few reasons why we’re so glad to be supporting events

  • Attendees can make themselves a cup of tea, or a french press to share with friends (this part is currently being built)
  • All our bookshelves are on wheels, so the space can be expanded
  • We have a PA sound system, stage lights… oh, and a stage
  • We’re centrally located on Cornell Campus
  • Free parking after 5pm in our lot, which is great for evening events
  • We’re right on the Route 10 bus (can’t miss it, because it comes every 10 minutes)
  • Adding your event to the website is super easy
  • A miniature grand piano
  • Events on our website are easy to share, add to your social media, and gives people everything they need.
  • A meeting nook, with a movable whiteboard & markers

Planning Your Event:

We don’t need to login to the site or anything.

Just fill out this form, which adds a new “pending” event. It sends us a notification so we know to check it out, make sure it aligns with our mission, and then we’ll follow up with you and hit “publish”.

>> Event Registration Form

Once it’s all approved it shows up on the website for all to see. Let’s start filling up our events!

Keep in mind. This form does not recognize if there is already an event – so you should check our calendar first. That’s the main reason events will show up as “pending”.

And of course… contact me directly if you have any questions about booking events at the library.

Ryan Clover – ryan@alternativeslibrary.org

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Ryan Clover-Owens

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