Warrior Writers – Veterans Sanctuary

Alternatives Library has just received a generous donation of hand-made and self-published books from Veterans Sanctuary. We’re honored to be able to feature these items in our library.

I Hacky Sacked In Iraq – Nathan Lewis

Life After War & Other Poems – Jan Barry

Warrior Writers : Move, Shoot, and Communicate – edited by Lovella Calica

Colors of Trees We Couldn’t Name – Nathan Lewis

Warrior Writers : Re-making Sense

After Action Review : A collection of writing and artwork by veterans of the global war on terror

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Talk Print / Poetry Reading Combat Paper

March 19, 2011


The Ink Shop

March 19, 2011 marks the eighth year anniversary of the invasion into Iraq. Come join us at The Ink Shop for a night of poetry readings and discussion about the Combat Paper: Uniform, Pulp, Paper show, with local veterans. All veterans are welcome to read for five minutes each. After the readings, Nate Lewis and Chris Arendt, two of the vets that are in the Combat Paper show will be here to discuss their work and The Combat Paper project. We will then open it up for a discussion.

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